Sunday, October 08, 2006


Within Walking Distance is my space away from the crazy world. It has been suggested by some that I am the crazy one, but *they* have no proof. After a misspent youth, I became a grown up, law abiding, responsible citizen. Got a college grad degree and a career, got married, had kids. I’m not always sure that this was truly the best course of action. What a person doesn’t realize, while frantically pursuing the proverbial "good life," is that life is really just a circus, chock full of cheap, shiny goo gaws, freaky clowns and elephant crap. MAD T.V. is not a parody, it is a documentary. Most days it is a struggle to keep my wits about me while everyone else has lost theirs.

Categories: The Human Condition_, Cheap Shiny Goo Gaws_, Reality Check_